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SCHIEHALLION: sliding bed

PriceFrom €990.00

We listen to our customers and this system has been developed with innovative storage in mind. We've designed pop off ends to Schiehallion, which allows for through storage of super long gear; skis, snowboards, windsurf masts, sails, fishing rods... pogo sticks..... javelins.....The Schiehallion features a super-handy elastic loop system to separate compartments and secure items inside, you can finally drive your van like Lewis Hamilton and everything will stay put (drive safe though folks eh!).


Schiehallion is manufactured in the following variations:

Small Van (Caddy SWB, Maxi, Proace, Connect etc)

1700mm (l) x 366mm (h) SWB Caddy

1800mm (l) x 366mm (h) Caddy Maxi, Proace etc

1900mm (l) x 366mm (h) Caddy Maxi, Proace etc


Medium / Large Van (everything from T4/5/6, Transit up to Sprinter/Crafter size etc) 
1700mm (l) x 406mm (h)

1800mm (l) x 406mm (h)

1900mm (l) x 406mm (h)

2000mm (l) x 406mm(h)

VW SWB Kombi you can fit a standard (up to 1800mm long) unit in a LWB Kombi)

1390mm (l) x 540mm (h) (higher level unit designed at 540mm high to match folded over seat height

1390mm (l) x 480mm (h) (high level unit designed at 480mm high plus upholstery to match folded over seat height)

1390mm (l) x 406mm (h) (lower level unit designed at 406mm high so that the slide out section can pair with our Clachan). This gives you a sleeping platform width ways across your van behind the seat in your SWB Kombi - small but usable!(and it’s pronounced Shee-ha-lee-un)

Color / Finish


    1800mm (L) x 665mm (W) in seat mode and extends to 1165mm (W) in bed mode.

    It is possible to create an L-shaped sofa by extending the rear section across the van


    Overall height: 366mm high

    Arch clearance required: 348mm

    Length 1700mm/1800mm

    Depth 665mm

    Extension 500mm

    Overall:  665mm + 500mm Total width in bed mode 1165mm

    L-shape small extension : 565mm long


    The SWB Kombi version is 1400mm(l) x 540mm(h) x 600mm(w). This is so the unit works with the folded rear seats of the van. It provides a higher seating platform but a massive bed for a SWB, plus an unbelievable amount of storage. As ever with vans you do slightly compromise on head room when in seat mode but... your SWB Kombi will be the most functional one out there!

    Overall height: 406mm / 480mm / 540mm

    Length 1400mm

    Depth 665mm

    Extension 500mm

    Overall:  665mm + 500mm Total width in bed mode 1165mm

    L-shape small extension : 565mm long

    Perfectly complimented with out SWB Kombi Clachan or SWB Kombi Sorcha side unit on the adjacent side of your van

  • Assembly

    Your module will be delivered to you fully assembled ready to be installed in your van. 

  • Delivery

    Delivery is carried out in pallet shipment, in most cases your unit will require two people to safely lift into your van.

    Our units are made to order, please check our current lead-time on the main page.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if your conversion project is urgent.

  • Upholstery

    Matching upholstery is in option and can be selected in the dedicated product page.

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