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Aménagement van cuisine

BRUICH BOCSA: portable kitchen pod


Meet ‘Bocsa’ our mega-portable kitchen pod. Looks cute but he’s packed full of handy features. Let us bore you with some of them…


Enough stuff to keep 4 people happy. Not one but TWO flippy uppies to maximise the available work space. These fold flat when not in use and are positioned to allow clear access to the carry handle cut-outs and tie down straps. Rattly cutlery is a bit of a pain in a van so we’ve equipped ours with a super handy cutlery roll from the guys at FrontRunner (not included but you can get one here). If you like Landrovers (we do) then you’ll have come across their products. This can be strapped to the back of the Bruich Bocsa with bungee making it pretty much effortless to carry cutlery for 4. Already got your own cunning solution, then the bungy storage at the back is mega-handy for all sorts of other things.


Inside the Bocsa there’s room for mugs, plates, bowls, pots/pans and food. We’ve left room for a screw-in gas cylinder and the divider in the upper storage section is removable just in case your favourite bone china is a little on the large side.


To make sure the wee guy is stable and doesn’t slide around we’ve fitted him with bolt on rubber feet (which are removable if required) and there are 25mm strap cut-outs for strapping down. We can also include 2no. 8mm thumb screws which are designed to secure your unit to the floor with insert screws (min. floor depth 12mm). This allows you to quickly and easily fit/remove the unit.


On top of the unit we’ve sized this for the CADAC2QR Pro which is secured in position by feet cut outs and bungee. You can also put a Yeti Tundra 35 on top of the Bocsa or put the Bocsa on top of the Yeti 35 (or 45) doubling up in the back of your van / car / 4x4 and saving vital space.


In case you hadn’t worked out it’s 406mm (h) – perfect to sit alongside our Medium van furniture creating the option of a bed / seat extension when paired with our Torridon / Schiehallion / Assynt systems. Handy if you’re taller than 1800 and want to stretch out a bit.

Basically, Bocsa is an ideal storage/cook setup/seat for your day van, camper or expedition vehicle.

Color / Finish
  • Tech specs and dimensions

    Manufactured from 12mm Birch and available in the following finishes:


    - Black Hexa Ply

    - White Birch Ply

    - Natural Birch Ply (untreated)

    - Grey Hexa Birch Ply



    External Dims

    702mm wide

    418mm deep

    406mm high


    Upper Compartment x2

    275mm wide

    370mm deep

    130mm high


    Lower Compartment

    590mm wide

    370mm deep

    180mm high


    Worksurface size

    654mm wide

    406mm deep


    Flippy Uppy size x2

    300mm wide

    406mm deep

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