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Cuisine van aménagé

Bruich Sorcha kitchen pod


Meet the Bruich Sorcha, the new lightweight version of our awesome 'Bruich' kitchen pod range. We've designed the Bruich Sorcha to be easily moveable within your van so you can have it in different locations and still keep all the storage and functionality of our bigger units. The open back design allows the unit to be placed over either wheel arch to add a cookstation opposite our sliding beds Torridon or Schiehallion.

We have integrated a notch in the worktop to secure your stove with our bungee cord system.



900mm (L) x 425mm (W) x 700mm (H)


Superior storage space

864mm (L) x 389mm (W) x 235mm (H)

664mm (W) x 150mm (h): Front opening

Lower storage space

864mm (L) x 407mm (W) x 429mm (H)

664mm (L) x 410mm (W): Front opening


Birch plywood 18mm


Color / Finish

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