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Ford Transit Crew cab conversion

Sleeping Modules 

Being close to the action and nature is what guides our desire to offer innovative products offering maximum functionality.  

Our kits can be completed with independent and removable modules, depending on whether you are traveling alone or with family.

Discover our layout solutions, compatible with all types of vans and vans, from small utility vehicles to XXL vehicles.

Our removable kits are intended for all those who wish to transform their utility vehicle into a fitted van ready to go for the weekend or the holidays, but with the possibility of keeping another use for the rest of the time. Our layouts can be installed in a very short time (less than 10 minutes), and can also be used as bedding or extra furniture in your home.

The Ford Transit Custom is available in two chassis lengths L1 or L2, we will be able to advise you on the most suitable layout according to your favorite activities (surfing, cycling, kitesurfing, skiing/snowboarding, windsurfing, etc.) .