ASSYNT - Who are we?

It all started during a development project for a VW T6 Caravelle Long, with the desire to combine ingenious equipment, offering flexibility of use, solidity and durability with a modern and refined design. My research led me to Scotland to the team of The Ply Guys, a young company that designs innovative products resolutely oriented towards the outdoors and allowing daily use of your van.

Quickly the desire to collaborate materialized in order to distribute their products in Europe. Thus was born Assynt, named after a region of the Scottish Highlands, whose landscapes mixing mountains, green plains and mysterious Loch are a call to go on an adventure in a fitted van.

We are a dynamic team, always looking for new things. Stay tuned because new products (Bed and kitchen modules, ceiling/wall trim kits, etc.) and accessories (cool boxes, barbecue) will be put online regularly.



L'équipe: France



Rôle: Fondateur et dirigeant d'Assynt, Il est en en charge du développement commercial ainsi que de la gestion de la production auprès de nos différents partenaires.
Hobbies: Surf, kitesurf, ski, VTT
Van: VW T6 Caravelle L2

L'équipe: Ecosse

hamish bike.jpeg


Rôle: Co-fondateur de The Ply Guys et Responsable Design. Il gère tout l'aspect créatif de nos produits. 
Hobbies: VTT, ski
Van: VW T5 L2

Craig image.jpg


Rôle: Co-fondateur de The Ply Guys et Responsable des Opérations. Il n'est pas autorisé à toucher à la machine CN.
Hobbies: VTT, voile, ski, moto
Van: Fiat Ducato